to steal a few minutes for oneself, as it is a sip of liberty

RABOSO [CURIOSO] Marca Trevigiana I.G.T.

They say that I am a wine with a difficult character and temper. Many believe my name comes from this disposition, as the word rabbioso in Italian reflects my acidic and scrappy nature. The truth is that I come from a robust, resilient vine that can be a little bit self-centered. I am the first to blossom and the last to be harvested. I require a lot of attention, and – as is typical of all strong characters – I won’t let you forget me at all.

From the black of its skins it acquires body and tannin, drawing its distinctive aroma from the well-drained and gravelly alluvial soil that is characteristic exclusively of this land. Its perlage comes from its processing with the Charmat method, a ten day long maceration with its own skins followed by a first fermentation with select yeasts.

Color: ruby red, with tinges of purple
Aroma: intense fruity, reminiscent of wild berries
Palate: with a strong character and marked acidity

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