a warm amber stone mounted in a silver frame


Emma is a tribute to Love, the first steps of a life that is growing in our hands. We take care of her every single day with confidence and in return we receive a wine which is unique, precious, and whose perlage reflects the untamed beauty of the hills where she is born. In a flute of Emma one finds the joy for life.

Emma grows right on the sunny slopes between the Venetian plain and the green forest of the Alpine foothills. We know that its unmistakable aroma and refinement of flavor, sought after throughout the world, are a gift of the sun and wind, of the air and earth – but also, we are sure, of all that beauty you can see from up there. Every glass of Emma Extra Dry is a snapshot: soft as the curved vineyards along the hills, warm as the light, a memory of landscapes that will not be soon forgotten.

Color: straw-yellow
Aroma: delicate, green apple and pear with notes of spring flowers
Palate: fresh-tasting, slightly sweet, with a strong acidity

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