on a cool spring evening, I am the silk scarf draped around the shoulders of a bride

PINOT GRIGIO D.O.C. Delle Venezie

Don’t be deceived by my delicacy: I have a gentle but persistent soul, requiring only a few words to conquer. Could this be perhaps the reason why everyone in the world is talking about me?

Grown out of the budbreak of its Noir ancestor, Pinot Grigio has adapted well to production in the northeast territories of Italy, varying its characteristics according to latitudes. It is a rather complex vine requiring particular care in cultivation and vinification, which is carried out in the white method at a controlled temperature of 18°C. We forgive everything, however, once we discover its sweet, full-flavored nature with its natural soft and balanced taste.

Color: straw-yellow with tinges of copper
Aroma: intense, with flowery and fruity notes
Palate: full-flavored, soft and balanced on the palate

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