• Alberto Corte
    Alberto Corte Oenologist

    Nobody knows our precious wines better than him. From dawn to sunset, among the vineyards and around the autoclaves, he harvests, transfers, bottles… Our oenologist is always there, supervising and checking that everything is done according to the rules, so that the result is perfect.

  • Angelo Narder
    Angelo Narder Logistics

    Beyond the door of the winery there’s an entire world to discover: after hard months of work, Angelo gives wings to our wine and brings it to you, monitoring that every bottle is always on the right track.

  • Stefania Francescon
    Stefania Francescon Administration

    Nothing happens around here unless she knows it! She is the director of the everyday agenda, a multitasking, forward-looking mind : SETTEANIME would not be the same without her.

  • Marco Cuscito
    Marco Cuscito Sales

    He is not afraid of flying everywhere to send our wine out to the world! His agenda is a battlefield and he definitely has the gift of speech: in every timezone, he will tell you our story with the same enthusiastic energy.



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