when a new love is about to begin


I am the color of the moon on a cool June evening. If you listen carefully to my voice from the lip of the glass, I will tell you stories that you don’t know yet – stories that I have heard when I was a grape, growing in the vineyard between leaves, sparrows, and the droning buzzes of cicadas. Everything I have dreamt about during that summer is here, in your flute, in a dance of flavors that doesn’t end in a sip, but goes on … as if in a dream.

Prosecco D.O.C. Treviso SETTEANIME is produced with the traditional white method, and then processed with the Martinotti–Charmat method in steel autoclaves, meticulously monitoring its temperature and the duration of the fermentation process. The Extra Dry version is distinguished by its perfect sugar content, the refined perlage, and the intense fruity aroma.

Color: bright, straw-yellow.
Aroma: intense fruity, green apple with notes of spring flowers and citrus
Palate: fresh-tasting, crisp, with an exciting perlage

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