when the rain over the dry earth sounds like a melody


Emma is a tribute to Love, the first steps of a life that is growing in our hands. We take care of her every single day with confidence and in return we receive a wine which is unique, precious, and whose perlage reflects the untamed beauty of the hills where she is born. In a flute of Emma one finds the joy for life.

The Prosecco Superiore Emma, classified as D.O.C.G. – the highest grade of excellence in Italian wine – tells the fascinating story of a favorable climate, with long rains and gentle, temperate breezes. This is Emma: the inimitable fruit of unique conditions; of meticulous and masterful labor; and of passion, hard work, and dedication. Ex.5 Brut is the crystal-clear sound of two glasses touching in a toast: fresh-tasting, dry, elegant, without hesitation.

I COLORI: giallo paglierino
IL PROFUMO: tipico del territorio con note di mela e pera, accompagnate da leggere note floreali
IL GUSTO: fresco, secco, croccante, avvolgente

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